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Brow lift surgery is a procedure that focuses on rejuvenation of the upper face, but this also affects the area around the eyes. This procedure elevates the brows to a more youthful position, and restores a youthful and natural arc of the eyebrows. It also aims to remove many of the wrinkles between the eyebrows. Many people experience descent of their eyebrows as they age, and brow lift surgery aims to correct this.

The goals of brow lift surgery are to restore the eyebrows to a more youthful position with a natural and aesthetically pleasing arc, and to address the wrinkles between the eyebrows leaving scars that are minimally noticeable and easily hidden.

The ideal candidate is a person in good physical health who has experienced a descent in the position of the eyebrows, and has visible furrows between the eyebrows.

Under general anesthetic, 5 small incisions are made in the hair bearing scalp above the forehead. These allow for access of the endoscopic camera and surgical instruments. The eyebrows are freed from their attachments to the underlying frontal bone. The frowning muscles between the eyebrows are divided and partially removed. The eyebrows are then positioned in a more aesthetically pleasing position, and anchored here. The incisions are then closed, and a dressing applied.

You will spend a couple of hours in the recovery room at the surgery centre before you go home. You will need someone to pick you up from the centre. The forehead and upper face will be bruised and swollen, and they will feel tight. You will need to keep your head elevated on 2 pillows for 48 hours while lying down. Place iced oval eye pads to the eyes for the first 24 hours. Some oozing from the scalp incisions is normal for a day or two. The stapels will be removed in 7 - 10 days by Dr. Barnsley. The scars are permanent, however they are placed in such a position that they are barely discernable due to the hair bearing scalp.

As with any surgery, there is a possibility that you will experience a complication. These include bleeding after the surgery and infection, and both of these resolve over time. There is always a small degree of asymmetry following surgery, and it is possible that this may be unacceptable. A minor revision surgery can often resolve this complication. There will be some numbness in the scalp, this will improve over time.


Appointments can be made by contacting Dr. Barnlsey’s office by telephone at 250-591-0701, or directly through our contact form.  

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